Terme Acqua Pia s.r.l., Località Acque Calde, Montevago (AG)

Wellness Center

The spa is ready to welcome you to accompany your natural relaxation with treatments tailored to your needs. You can choose whether to buy individual treatments at the Wellness Center, or book a package that includes both the day at the Spa and some of our best treatments.

For therapies, thermal water is used together with sludge and steam naturally produced by springs and rich in sulfates and mineral salts.

The combined action of these elements and heat (40 °), helps blood and lymph circulation, dissolves toxins, fatty acids and metabolism slags, favoring expulsion through sweating, making the skin clean, fresh and Regenerated.

Under the guidance of qualified experts, assisted by specialized personnel, you can choose the health spa formula, also under the conventional regime of inhalation and aerosol therapy, mud therapy, fangobalneotherapy, hydromassage, manual massage or, alternatively, opt for the formula terme- Wellness with hot-cold shower, sauna, steam bath, schatzu massage, phytotherapy treatments with thermal algae, hydromassage with balsamic oils, facial masks and body treatments with thermal mud.

Specific programs are offered taking into account specific customer needs (wellness program, health, anti-stress, anti-cellulite, beauty, relaxation, sports) and duration of stay (week, weekends).

Lista Pacchetti

Wellness & Spa Prezzo
Wellness Smart x 2 persone
Piscina Termale – Cascatelle – Sauna – Bagno Turco – Idromassaggio
Wellness Slow x 2 persone
Piscina termale – Cascatelle – Sauna – Bagno Turco – Idromassaggio
Massaggio (20 min.)

Lista Massaggi

I Massaggi Prezzo
Massaggio al cuoio capelluto (15 min.) €.15,00
Localizzato half relax (20 min.) €.30,00
Total body relax ( 45 min.) €.50,00
Pulizia del viso con massaggio e peeling €.50,00
Anticellulite (50 min.) €.60,00
Decontratturante (50 min.) €.60,00
Riflessologia plantare (50 min) €.60,00
Shiatsu (60 min.) €.70,00
Linfodrenante (60 min.) €.70,00

Altri Trattamenti

I Massaggi Prezzo
Idromassaggio con oli essenziali €.20,00
Sauna €.15,00
Bagno turco €.15,00
Pulizia del viso basic €.35,00
Maschera di argilla termale €.15,00
Inalazione e aerosol €.10,00
Fangoterapia €.25,00
Peeling Corpo €.30,00
I trattamenti si effettuano su prenotazione.